On Ramp

Getting Started
If you are new to CrossFit, the On-Ramp group class is required before joining the regular CrossFit classes. These 10 classes will introduce you to the CrossFit techniques, warm ups, workouts and will provide you with an opportunity to increase your knowledge and efficiency before stepping into the CrossFit Classes. You will become familiar with all of the basic functional movements of CrossFit; the squat, pushup, pull-up, sit-up; the various lifts, press, push press, clean and jerk, deadlifts, etc. These sessions are progressive in nature. "Graduating" from On-Ramp class will allow a smooth transition into the general CrossFit Curriculum along with meeting some new motivating friends. The cost for these ten Sessions is $350 per person ($35 per session). Upon completing the 10 sessions you will reevaluated for group training.
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