gemini games


August 17th, 2019


Power Performance Strength and Conditioning
807 Loveland Madeira Road in Loveland, Ohio.

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Teams of 2 (Male/Male, Male/Female, Female/Female) will compete in a series of WOD’s / Skills testing all aspects of fitness. Be ready for the unknown and to challenge your limits. Scaling ENCOURAGED. Weight differential for masters (over 50) and teens (15 and under). The programming is designed as such that even a NOVICE athlete can compete and have fun.


1 team member will be responsible for registering the entire team. The cost is $130.00 per team and will include a t-shirt for both athletes. We will cap registration at 40 teams.
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Shirts are included in registration.


Hello competitors! The following are minimum work requirements for the Gemini Games. Each WOD will have all standards and requirements listed. The following are generalized skills and weightlifting poundages that will lead an athlete to Rx or MODIFIED. All movements can be MODIFIED.


  • Pull Ups - Men CTB/Women chin over bar
  • Wall Balls - 20/14# to 10/9' target
  • Push ups - Hand Release
  • Air Squats
  • Scale a 6' wall
  • The use of a C2 rower
  • Box Jumps
  • USe of xebex bike
  • t2b
  • wall ball to 9' target


  • * No barbell movements in WOD's will exceed the following weights *
  • Deadlift - up to 205lb Men/155lb for Women
  • Snatch - up to 95lb Men/65lb Women
  • Clean & Jerk - up to 135lb Men/85lb women
  • Thruster - up to 115lb Men/75lb women
  • Odd Object(Atlas stone, sand bags, kegs...) - up to 115lb Men/70lb Women


Oly Complex:
10 Min Cap

Partner 1 performs Snatch Complex of hang Power Snatch + touch and go snatch (any style allowed)

Partner 2 performs Clean Complex of hang Power Clean + touch and go clean (any style allowed)

Score: total weight combined

WOD 2/3

Row / Thrusters:

Partner 1 Rows

Partner 2 Thrusters (Athletes pick weight)

Minimum 4 segments

Score 1: 3000 meter time

Score 2: Weight x Reps Thrusters


Wall Balls:

:90 second wall ball shots 9' target

Score = Weight X reps


12 min AMRAP


Deadlifts (205lb / 155lb)

Assault Bike Calories



6 min time cap

50 synced Air Squats

150 meter run

Wall over

1 stone over shoulder (each)
Wall over

3 synced plate burpees

Wall over

AMRAP Rope Climbs (18'/14')

Score = Rope climbs


  • 807 Loveland Madeira Rd,
    Loveland, OH 45140

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