What is CrossFit?
In a nutshell: * The BEST strength and conditioning program available * scalable to anyone’s fitness level, age and ability * bodyweight exercises like squats, push-ups & pullups * Running, rowing & jumping rope * basic gymnastics like ring work and handstands * weightlifting like front squat, deadlift, press & clean * teaches Olympic weightlifting: clean & jerk, snatch * kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, tires, ropes, and more * kipping, handstand walking, rope climbing & muscle-ups.
How long have you been around?
Power Performance Strength and Conditioning has been in Loveland, Ohio since June of 2008. We began as a Bootcamp style program in backyards, local parks, and high schools.
Why should I choose CFPP for my training?
Well, for starters: Motivation, Enthusiasm, Safety, Experience, Attention, Goal Setting, Nutritional guidance and support, Fresh approach to fitness, innovative, functional, Measureable progress…..OR “RESULTS”.
There are many CrossFit gyms. Are you all the same?
Is CrossFit for everybody?
Everyone can do CrossFit, but not everybody WILL do it. Its hard work and many folks don’t have what it takes to succeed. Your fitness level is irrelevant. It’s your WILLPOWER that matters. Do you want to change? Do you want to be your BEST? How bad do you want it? “Only those that risk going to far can possibly find out how FAR one can go”. ~T.S. Elliott
Do I need to get in shape before starting CrossFit?
NO! You don’t need to do P90X, spin classes, more cardio, get stronger, lose weight or anything else. We help you safely, effectively and efficiently. The beauty of CrossFit is that it’s scalable to all levels and abilities. Why Wait? Why put it off any longer? Get stronger……Get healthier….NOW. Life is short. Start living.
The workouts look really difficult. Can I do it?
Yes. All the workouts can be modified to fit your level of fitness. Let’s take “Angie” for example: 100 Pull-ups 100 Push-ups 100 Sit-ups 100 Squats For time There’s very few individuals who can do that workout on their very first day (or first few months). So it can become: 50 Jumping pull-ups 50 Push-ups 50 Sit-ups 50 Squats For time Still too hard and you can’t jump because you have knee pain? Let’s scale it even more: 25 Ring Rows 25 Incline Push-ups 25 Sit-ups 25 Squats (limited range of motion) for time. The goal is to improve fitness and quality of life. Everyone will get a workout that fits their needs/abilities. Simple and Effective.
I am a martial artist (fighter, runner) in really good shape. What can CrossFit do for me?
If you are an Alpha type individual, an athlete with high aspirations, have slight OCD when it comes to your training and should have learned everything by yesterday – we can help you. A big part of our crew are highly competitive, performance oriented folks. Average numbers for guys in this group are: 400+ deadlift, 40 kipping or butterfly pull-ups, Handstand push-ups, Muscle-ups, sub-4 minute “Fran” time and sub-10 minute “Helen” time. We also work out the kinks in your performance – usually its flexibility, mobility, coordination (gymnastics) and body composition/bodyfat has to be improved. CrossFit and the Power Performance crew can make you better at WHATEVER your sport is.
I am overweight. Should I lose weight first?
Up to you. Why wait any longer? Just come in and talk to us to get started. Hear from us the correct way to drop weight and start exercising. It’s the perfect combo.
I am not competitive. Will I like this?
It depends on many factors. Not everyone at Power Performance competes with others. Some are just trying to do their best and some are just trying to finish the workout. You will always be challenged, but you will always have fun. You will never be bored, that’s for sure.
I am a senior, will this be too hard?
Congratulations for recognizing that you need to train no matter what your chronological age. Keeping your independence as you age should be your priority so that you can enjoy life on your own terms. There is no such thing as too young or too old. Just be sure that the coaches are qualified and know what they are doing (we are qualified at Power Performance) and that the programming is scaled to your needs. You will need to learn and practice all the foundation movements at your pace. You should progress forward like everyone else, maybe at a different rate, but still always forward. Not too easy, but not out of reach either.
Why do regular “Assessments?”
With CrossFit we measure everything in order to gauge how close we are to our goals. We measure: Strength, Speed, Time, Efficency, Weight Loss and Body Fat. It is all part of the program. We Assess to measure where you ARE and compare with where you are going. You set personal goals and we guide you to ACHIEVE them. Assessments also help us to monitor and break through plateaus. We track progress and expose any nutritional hurdles.
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